The Head of Administration Zheleznodorozhniy district Vitaly Utkin held reception of citizens on their dwelling place. On Tuesday, residents of the neighborhood were able to ask interesting for them questions in the housing department № 9.
Admission started at 16.30. Perhaps because of it early starting not everyone managed to get him. However, those who managed to find the time, asked the head of the administration about the most urgent problems.
In the flat of Nicholas Korzhenevskiy, who`s living in on the Geroyev podpolschchikov Str., 15, appears fungus — because of the sweating of wall panels. Especially well it can be seen during the frost.
— This house is in need in thermorenovation – informed director of Housing department «Selmashevskoe», Vasily Padashveliov. — The cost of work — 2.5 milliard of rubles. At present, there is no funding. If it will be possible to save money, then maybe this year we will perform estimation project documentation. In general, this problem is observed in the apartments of some houses not only the Geroyev podpolschchikov Street, but also Manevicha, Narodnogo opolcheniya, Sukhogo, Osipova, Bogdanovicha, Karastoyanovoy Streets. By the way, thermohenovation this year is planed to do in houses № 5 and 7 on the Sukhogo Street.

Vitaly Utkin promised to appeal to the City Council with request for the opportunity to find the funds to thermorenovation house №15 on the Geroyev podpolschchikov Street.
Andrey Aksenov had not only one question. The first of them relates to lighting a footpath near the house №1 on the Sukhogo street (on the back side) toward the house №26 on the Efremova Street.
— The area is managed by the local ZHSPK — said Vasily Padashvelev. — We will visit this area. I think the will not big problems with providing lightening of this footpath.
The man was also worried by the theme of absence rampant at the entrance of the post office №35 (Geroyev podpolschchikov Street). The similarity of it is fixed on the steps, but it can be used only for children buggy. It impossible to climb or descend on it for people with disabilities. And on the territory of the housing department-9 lives more than people who need it it
This problem solves, — said Vitaly Utkin. – We will contact with the Board of the regional office of «Belpochta» and point them to the need to install a ramp.
The liver of Selmashevskiy district paid attention to the fact that in the area of bus stop «Geroyev podpolschchikov Street « (towards Sovetskaya Street) on both sides of the footpath regularly planting trees and bushes. He believes that the it is need to plant another types of plants that are more resistant to local ground. — In the spring they are planted, and in the autumn ninety percent of them are dry – advised the man- Shrubs normally take root, trees — no.
According to Vitaly Utkin, this area will be further examined by experts KSUP «Red Carnation».
Attention was paid to the district head by the fact that the asphalt is lack on surface part of the pedestrian crossing over the railroad tracks (near the entrance of the filial agency of «Gomselmash» «CPM») with access to the Sovetskaya Street.
— «Gomselmash» is responsible of this territory, — said Vasily Padashvelev. — Be sure, we will connecting with organization on this issue. There more that a lot of employees «Gomselmash» going through this place in the morning and in the evening. We will thinking about all possible variants of solving the problem.
Yevgeniy Konovalov,
Source: Website of the Administration of Zheleznodorozhniy district of Gomel.