«This is our life: high-rise buildings and garages.
Not a few people, but you’re wait a bit
I will try to tell you about these bends
About all of these problems that are cut like knives. » 

Directly these lines were in my city`s lyric — Gluck MC` head, before the meeting with deputy chairman of the Soligorsk executive committee on Housing — Igor Delendik. The fact that the road in front of the entrances №1 and №2 of Parkovaya, 6 Street is not asphalt, and paving footpath along the dwelling is full of pits and potholes… Chairman was listened attentively, but said that is no money for this. In this case even Basta would said his known phrase: «Hey, Mr citizen`s boss, how it is grievously».

According to the dwellers of this house, this problem can not be solved for about 37 years. It makes impression that the house was built on the spot where recently were fighting actions with artillery. Holes and cracks in the asphalt resemble aerial bombardment.

By the way, at the beginning of October 2014 “Our House`s” volonteers collected 53 signatures of dwellers of this house and wrote a collective complaint to chairman of the executive committee of Soligorsk — to Rimashevskiy Alexander. However, the reply was detained for a month and the letter stated that the work was done by patching the roadway yard area. But according to residents, after the «effort» of Rymasheuski, situation became a bit better only in one case — for drivers.

Residents tired to complain and lose all their hope. Walking on such asphalt reminds straying in tricky labyrinth. Each new step is necessary to have in your mind in advance, otherwise the next hole impossible to get around. Sidewalk path is more like obstacle course.

Entry and exit from both sides of the house riddled like a sieve and thickly strewn with potholes, the size of which in some places more than 15 centimeters.

Even more surprising the protruding reinforcing rods … That`s why drivers often resent, because tires can be punctured during the parking.

In general, the problem is still unsolved. And it is clear from the words of the chairman of the executive committee of Soligorsk on Housing — Delendik Igor the problem will have been solving not soon. But “Our House” not going to give up.

Gluck MC