An important goal of «Our House» is to provide practical assistance to specific active people in self-defense of their civil and legal rights. Therefore, social activists and ordinary people from different cities of Belarus appealing for the help to the campaign. Most often, they need some kind of normative documents or advice in solving specific problems.

Recently, we were contacted by residents of Svetlogorsk and Orsha, who offered to work together to solve problems.

Residents of Svetlogorsk would like to solve the problem of improvement waterfront. On asphalt path are not established any benches and litter bins. «Our House» recommend it own «screenplay», vindicated in other cities. Its main feature — the maximum publicity and appeals to Mass media.

First, in Svetlogorsk will held monitoring and photoshooting of problem areas. Then activists will write an article and post it on the website «Our House» with photos. As well, it will be posted as the most widely read local internet resources. And, only after these they will sent an appeal to the Executive Committee and the Council with links on articles in sites.

Citizens of Orsha are concerned that the cleaning of entrances is made very seldom. Entrances are sweeped one or several times per month. Vestiges of wet cleaning of stairwells is almost impossible for detecting. «Our House» prepared and sent to Orsa`s citizens standards for dry and wet cleaning that are valid since 2013.

Local activists took an interest in our experience in solving problems. They are ready to cooperate with «Our House» and now are interviewing citizens. With our help, they will choose and hold a local campaign. Then together we evaluate its effectiveness and will make a decision on further joint actions.

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