The problems of street lamps for a pedestrian walkway, tree replanting in the wasteland, paving a stretch of the street near the railway crossing with asphalt will be thoroughly reviewed by Zheleznodorozhny District’s administration during a field trip. Belpost will also consider putting in a wheelchair ramp near the entrance to Post Office No 35.


On February 17, Our House met with Vital Utkin, head of Zheleznodorozhny Districts administration and submitted a social package which includes four problems in various locations in Selmash neighborhood. The head of district administration instructed the local communal housing services company to address them.



Vasil Padashveliov, director of Selmash communal housing services company


The first consultation took place in order to indentify every location and every problem that was raised. On February 24-25, the head of housing services and beautification unit Oleg Krichevtsov and the head of social security unit at the districts administration Irina Samuseva received all necessary clarifications and information from us.



Reply by Zheleznodorozhny District’s administration


The problems are common for any city. You can find at least one sidewalk not illuminated by street lamps among the house you reside. There are no wheelchair ramps near entrances to many social objects. Nobody can be surprised today by unpaved pedestrian walkways and wastelands without a single tree.


Our House proposes to join us and start solving these problems.


Andrei AKSIONOV, Our House.
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