Information portal BelaPAN «Belarusian News» posted an article about the one next success of the Civil Campaign «Our House». Now E-mail addresses of deputies are appeared on the web-site of City Executive Committee. «Our House» gives citizens practical advice on how to send appeals to the deputies of local councils.
Deputies of Gomel City Council are the first in Belarus, who began to provide for citizens and placed on the website of the Gomel executive committee addresses of their e-mails. Such correspondence with voters is a form of dialogue and supplement to the personal reception.
Activists of «Our House» were officially informed about this innovation by Vice-Chief of Gomel City Executive Committee — Oksana Rudenok in hers reply for an appeal. «Publishing of contact email addresses of deputies will be enter in the practice of the Gomel City Council.» –was written in a letter.
As was reported to BelaPAN by coordinator of the campaign «Our House» Andrey Aksenov, the emails of deputies has already appeared on the site of city executive committee. But we believe the discoverer in this innovation is a deputy of City`s Council Igor Korotkevich, who has yet in June 2014 provided email address to his voters.
«Considering the time of deputy, his trips, delaying days of admission, this is the best opportunity to correspond and share scans of any documents» – commented coordinator of «Our House»
In accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 25 of the Law «About citizens and legal entities» from July 18, 2011 No300-L «E-appeals are sent to the state bodies and other government organizations through the global computer network «Internet» at the address of their e-mail or posted in a special section on their official websites in the global computer network «Internet» in accordance with legal requirements for the content on those sites.»

«Our House» advise citizens (voters) to send your e-appeals to deputies of local councils, who have e-mail address, in the form of scans (copies) of the usual written complaints with the compulsory data information : last name, first name, patronymic (if it is) or initials, living address and e-mail.
P.S. The same material was later published on the site «Strong News» (Gomel).