Yet another member of Gomel City Council of Deputies posted his e-mail account information on City Hall’s official website. Ihar Karatkevich replied to his constituent from his e-mail account. It took him three days to make a decision and prepare a reply. This is a new Belarus’ record for official correspondence!


City Council member Ihar Karatkevich joined another council member Katsiaryna Murashka and posted on February 20 his e-mail account details [email protected] on the official website of Gomel City Hall “for additional contact with constituents from Constituency No 15.




(Deputy director, Regional Sales Department, OAO Gomselmash)


Member of Gomel City Council of Deputies representing Yefremov Constituency No15


Ihar Karatkevich reminded that under Article 25 (1) in the Law of the Republic of Belarus on Appeals by Citizens and Legal Persons dated July 18, 2011 No 300, only electronic messages filed with state bodies and other state institutions (i.e. city hall) shall be considered according to the procedure set for written appeals.



Electronic reply by Deputy Karatkevich


Our House expresses gratitude to Ihar Karatkevich for considering an electronic appeal from a constituent. He also prepared and sent an official reply from his e-mail account to the email of the constituent. He did not insist on having the written inquiry registered with the City Council of Deputies or during a personal reception scheduled only in mid-March. Yet, he was entitled to doing so, if he wanted to.


Commentary by Our House:


Electronic appeals by citizens (constituents) can be sent to the official website of the state agency – Gomel City Hall –

A special section is provided at the website of Homel City Hall. It is called “Electronic Appeals. There are two ways of how to enter this section:
1) Authorities section – subsection Appeals by citizens and legal persons – electronic form Appeals by Citizens;
2) Dialogue with Authorities section – Electronic Appeals section – electronic form Appeals by Citizens.


However, in the TO: line in the form (mandatory to be filled in), you will not find Homel Cuty Council or Chair of Gomel City Council of Deputies among the 15 available options of addressees. Therefore, you will have to send your appeal to Deputy City Hall Chair O.Rudenok. You will also need to write Gomel City Council in the subject of the letter.
Currently, the most popular options used by constituents in Homel are: 1) registration of a written appeal to a city council member at the City Council of Deputies (Sovietskaya Street 16, 2nd Floor, Office 203; phone 74-10-61, Petrochenko Oksana Nikolayevna); 2) submitting a written appeal to a council member during personal reception of constituents.

Andrei Aksyonov, Our House
[email protected]