Deputy of Gomel City Council — Igor Karatkevich Deputies received a proposal from the voter to place his e-mail address in the public access. Reception of citizens by deputy once a month is good, but his e-mail on the site City Council to communicate with us — it’s even better.


(Vice Director of the Department of regional sales
of «Gomselmash», 44 years old)




Deputy of Gomel City Council of Deputies

on Efremovskiy electoral district №15


Gomel City Council of Deputies recommends for 39 deputies to place addresses of their e-mails in the public access. «Our House» is attached to this wish. Local MPs, be more accessible! And then your business trips, meetings and the disease will not be a hindrance for constant communication.



Ekaterina Murashko, deputy of Gomel city Council was the first among the 40 deputies who posted in early February contact of her e-mail for electronic requests of voters [email protected]. It appeared on the website of the Gomel City Executive Committee — Who will be next?

Andrey Aksenov
[email protected]